Vilnius Airport to Bus station

There is a special train “Vilnius-Airport” running regularly from Vilnius railway station. The train shuttles 16 times a day, it takes 7 minutes to arrive to the airport from the railway station. The ticket costs EUR 0.70. It can be purchased on-line, in the train and at the railway station. Next to the airport passenger terminal, there is a railway stop, stairs and an elevator for passengers as well as lighting and passenger safety surveillance camera. There is a footway leading from the railway stop to the airport terminal for passengers; the footway has an installed gallery (it is illuminated during the dark time of the day).

Shuttle bus:
The company Toks transports passengers from the bus station to Vilnius airport and back by microbuses. Single ticket costs EUR 1. Bus stop is installed next to the airport terminal, near arrival hall C. Timetable.

City bus:
Buses that run From Vilnius airport To Vilnius city: No. 1 (Vikingų St.- Airport – Station), No. 2 (Airport – Vikingų St. – Liepkalnio St. – Station), No. 3G (Airport -Centre- Fabijoniškės), No. 88 (Old Town-Nepriklausomybės -Station- Square Airport). Single ticket (when purchased in a bus) costs EUR 1.
Trip planner

Vilnius Airport approved taxi rank can be found just in front of the arrivals terminal. All taxi cabs accept cash and credit cards. Always ask for a printed receipt at the end of the trip!
Vilnius Airport – Bus Station – ca. 10 EUR*
* Taxi carriers carrying passengers from Vilnius Airport taxi rank must apply not higher rates than the following:
1 km daytime trip, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 1,01 EUR
1 km nighttime trip, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. 1,16 EUR
1 km at weekends and on public holidays 1,16 EUR
1 km outside the city 1,16 EUR
Initial fare 1,45 EUR
1 min. of downtime while waiting for passengers or on traffic jam 0,29 EUR